DxUpClose, Inc. is an early stage in vitro diagnostic company developing a novel medical device to help physicians provide better care for their patients suffering from an infectious disease.

DxUpClose is developing an antibiotic susceptibility  diagnostictest (AST) that completes in <1 hour at a doctor's office, allowing rapid and accurate antibiotic prescriptions. Current standard of care takes >48 hours. Key partnerships for the company are Pharmaceutical companies seeking companion diagnostics for their product line of antibiotics to ensure the correct antibiotic is prescribed the first time thereby extending the useful life of their antibiotics and reducing antibiotic resistance.

Business Summary: DxUpClose is developing a near patient diagnostic for bacterial infections, supporting the right antibiotic prescription the first time to improve patient outcomes and healthcare costs. The product includes an instrument and consumable panel for use in physician offices. The first market motion is urinary tract infections (UTI) treated in emergency rooms, doctor's offices, nursing homes and home health. This will be followed by skin and soft tissue wound care, and blood sepsis. Key partnerships will be formed around Pharmaceuticals seeking companion diagnostics for their antibiotics, thereby extending the lifespan of their products. Governments are seeking solutions to antibiotic resistance worldwide.

Problem: Currently takes about 3 days to get full diagnostic results that include identification and antibiotic sensitivity. Doctors prescribe antibiotics before receiving results using an educated “best guess”. Often the wrong antibiotic is prescribed causing unnecessary delays in patient recovery and healthcare costs. Doctors want to do better, patients demand better. $12B - $20B in wasteful WW antibiotic spending annually.

Solution: Automated instrument with sample-handling, consumable panel with cost and usability that make it suitable for near patient use. The instrument can be miniaturized to be small, portable and intuitive with antibiotic array capability to allow the purchase of appropriate test suite. The system includes encrypted cloud-based data storage, analytics, report generation and messaging. The product is based on an electronic sensor that monitors the life signs of bacteria in real time. Patents have issued.

Business Model: Recurring revenue model. Instrument is sold once and diagnostic kits are single use. Physicians in point of care clinics create a revenue stream for themselves when using the product while providing better patient care. Hospitals and Payers save money. Technology will be licensed to veterinarian market, oil & gas, and food processing to generate non-dilutive funding. Joint R&D relationships with Pharmaceuticals will also generate early revenues.

Management: John Whelan - Executive Board Member; history raising over $220M for his previous life science startups (AP Pharma, Raven Biotechnologies, EOS Biotechnology). Cyndi Nickel, Founder; background includes twenty-four years of experience at Hewlett-Packard in a variety of leadership roles encompassing research, business strategy, operations management, product management, marketing, sales and R&D engineering. John & Cyndi have past experience working together in HP's medical device division - they are a tested team.