DxUpClose, Inc. is an early stage in vitro diagnostic company developing a novel medical device to help physicians better care for their patients suffering from an infectious disease.

Infectious diseases and the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria pose a serious threat to global public health.  Antibiotic resistant bacteria already kill hundreds of thousands a year globally.  According to the CDC, antibiotic resistant bacteria cause more than 2,300,000 illnesses and 37,000 deaths in the US alone.  Research indicates that 4 out of 5 Americans are prescribed antibiotics each year and that antibiotics are incorrectly prescribed between 30% and 50% of the time.


Our point-of-care rapid diagnostic device goal is to provide identification and antibiotic susceptibility test results such that physicians can prescribe the right antibiotic the first time to:

  • Improve Patient Outcomes

    • Faster recovery, earlier hospital release and reduction of re-admits and visits

    • Lower medical costs by only buying effective antibiotics

    • Reduced risk of developing antibiotic resistant bacteria

  • Reduce Accountable Care Costs

    • Reduction in hospital re-admits and follow-up visits due to ineffective prescription

  • Support Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Initiatives

  • Support Public Health Antibiotic Resistance Prevention Initiatives


Using a recurring revenue model, DxUpClose plans to expand our product portfolio, over time, across a wide range of infectious diseases and their associated antimicrobial therapeutics.






 Top Ten Award by Medventures 2011


 Most Promising Life Science Tech Company 2011