DxUpClose, Inc. is developing a small, light weight, portable bacterial diagnostic that is designed to perform an antibiotic susceptibility test in sixty minutes. 

 The product is designed to screen for specific bacteria, whether or not the sample has this particular bacteria, it will count the bacteria that are there and perform antibiotic susceptibility tests against those bacteria  - all within sixty minutes.  At the end of the test, the product will securely send a list of effective antibiotics to the Healthcare worker’s email or smartphone, so results can be rapidly interpreted by a physician who can then either write a prescription or ePrescribe the appropriate antibiotic.  This will reduce the delay in optimal patient care present today by one to three days. 

 The ability to determine effective antibiotics within sixty minutes will give physicians a chance to change the way they practice medicine, provide better healthcare and reduce the number of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the world.  While providing better care, they will be able to create a new revenue stream for themselves. Other customers targeted by our product are extended stay facilities and home healthcare service providers who will also be able to create new revenue streams.

 When patients return to hospitals with infections within thirty days of release, payors don't usually reimburse the re-admission.  This causes hospitals to follow their patients after they are released to home healthcare or extended stay facilities.  By detecting infections while they can still be treated as outpatients, hospitals will increase their margins.

 Using a reoccurring revenue model, DxUpClose, Inc. plans to expand our product portfolio, over time, across a wide range of infectious diseases and their associated antimicrobial therapeutics.

 DxUpClose has an ongoing relationship with Seton Healthcare Networks, a healthcare provider serving rural Texas, which includes hospitals, clinics and extended stay facilities.  They are part of Ascension Health, who command 1% of all healthcare dollars spent in the US.

 Our core technology is based on electronic sensors and is covered by an issued patent which is supported by other provisional patents. We have a functional electronic prototype and are continuing product development at this time.






 Top Ten Award by Medventures 2011


 Most Promising Life Science Tech Company 2011